It’s a Messed Up World We Live In

For the last few months, I’ve been hearing about a nut job mother who injects her eight year old daughter with Botox and gives her bikini waxes to give her an upper hand over the competition of child beauty pageants. Sick right?

Now, it’s been confirmed that the entire story is a hoax. The mother, Sheena Upton, was initially paid $200 by the UK Sun to write an article called “I Give My 8 Year Old Botox,” under the pen-name Kerry Campbell. After the story spread Kerry Campbell was later paid $10,000 to appear on Good MorningAmerica. When more and more people called social services for the poor child the name Kerry Upton was of course not in the system, and when medical tests were run on the child they came up negative for Botox.

There are so many things wrong with this; The Sun paying for a fake story, the mother accepting money for a lie about her daughter, and putting an innocent child in the lime light for something as degrading as this.

What is wrong with parents these days? Last year was the Bubble Boy and now we have BotoxMommy. What kind of example are these parents setting for their kids? When I was growing up, honesty was one of, if not, the most important value taught by my parents. I understand times are tough right now, and money can be hard to come by, but using your child as a prop to easy street is not just wrong, it’s downright disgraceful.


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