Royal Sex Slave?

I feel like the air needs to be cleared here surrounding the newest royal couple, and the alleged “scandal” of Prince William “buying” his bride at a “slave” auction. For those of you who haven’t heard, numerous press outlets are claiming that the future Queen of England was actually bought by her new husband at some sort of “slave” auction while the two were both undergraduates at St. Andrew’sUniversity. This is yet another unfortunate exaggeration, however, and shouldn’t be heeded.
The truth of the matter is that William “purchased” the young Kate Middleton at the style of auction that one can find amongst undergraduates at any university, American ones especially. Often to raise money for a far greater cause, young co-eds are paraded around in scandalous clothes to be bid on by bachelor’s for their company. Sure, it sounds a bit risque, but ultimately the girls know what they’re getting into as do the guys.
None of these auctions ever (or should ever) amount to anything physical, and often involve the man taking the girl out for a nice dinner, and, if there’s no spark, then splitting their separate ways. If you’re still not convinced, though, just remember that the same “friend” relaying this story is always getting healthily compensated and even wrote a song about the couple, making even more money. But hey, believe what you want, and if you fashion the future Queen a whore, then that’s up to you too. I prefer the truth, however, and know from my own college days that these type of auctions are really only to benefit a better cause, and typically have nothing to do with sex at all.

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