Justice Served

Apparently there’s still some sense left in the American judicial system after all, occurring in Dayton, Ohio, of all places. In her third trial, yes third, a young mother was finally convicted for the murder of her 28 day old child. The first two trials ended in mistrials, when “witnesses” (one with family ties, and one her cellmate) began to surface toward the end of each trial, influencing the jury enough to cause a mistrial in both cases. Justice, however, would eventually prevail for the small child, who’s mother thought it okay to put her in the microwave.
That’s right, the tiny Paris Talley was placed in the microwave and cooked alive by her mother China Arnold, who’s finally going to pay for the crime, almost six years after the fact. The jury will meet later to decide whether or not the death penalty is warranted, and hopefully they’ll make the right decision.
Despite witness testimony from church members claiming that China was “a good mother,” this is one of the most despicable actions I’ve ever heard of. Who in the world thinks that microwaving their old child is an acceptable solution to anything. In any event, hopefully this kind of example will deter any future mother from thinking this is at all a good decision, and will send a message that if you’re not ready to have children, please don’t, for your sake, but more importantly for theirs.

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