Too American for Public Schools?

I’m all for civil liberties, and of course for respecting the rights of others, but things are getting out of hand at a small-town school in Orange, Massachusetts. Students were told to draw what they wanted, and one child, an 11 year old named Frankie Girard decided he wanted to draw an American flag. When he asked the teacher to hang it on the wall, he was promptly denied.

In off camera remarks, the school’s superintendent later told news reporters that it is school policy not to hang up any student schoolwork, but this is contradictory to earlier reports. When the issue first arose, it wasn’t because the boy of a decorated military family couldn’t hang his flag up because it’d be unfair to other kids, but because the teacher felt it would offend one child. That’s it, just one child. Residents in Orange are in an uproar, many of them veterans who said they did not go to fight in wars simply to have a child be denied the ability to hang a flag in a public school because of political correctness.

I don’t care how American you feel you are, or even know who the child they thought they were protecting was, but ultimately people it’s a matter of principle here. Political correctness be damned, we need to be able to show we’re proud to be living in America in any public forum. I’m not suggesting we show this kid special treatment, but they should have told him they’d hang all the flags, instead of denying the hanging of one.

I’m proud to live in this country, and will not apologize to someone who feels offended by the displaying of American flags in public schools. This is the core symbol of our nation, an image of our eternal freedom. And I hate for this to come off as inarticulate, but if you can’t even support the image of the American flag in a public place you simply need to leave, and as soon as possible. Countless Americans have not sacrificed their lives for people who can’t even unite under the one banner that should supersede all notions of religion, class, politics, money, or even race to unify us all as Americans.


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