Sheen Surfaces

Just in case you mistakenly thought he was finished, Charlie Sheen has surfaced again to rip on the plans of his old show “Two and Half Men.” In case you hadn’t heard, the show plans to move forward without Sheen, hiring the younger Ashton Kutcher to play in a similar role. Well, this didn’t necessarily sit well with Sheen.

Sheen criticized the show yet again, and offered some half-hearted advice for the man who’s replacing him. But, Sheen saved the best for last, taking the new opportunity to again completely bash show producer and writer Chuck Lorre, celebrating what he assures will be a ratings collapse.

“Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there,” Sheen said in a final stab at both the new actor and his former boss, which makes me wonder not only what the new show might do, but also how many hilarious comments we are going to get from Sheen in the coming months. Stay tuned people, as long as he’s drinking more tiger blood, I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say about everything moving forward.


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