A Lohan Update

Finally! After all of this time, and going back and forth through the motions, and having to hear about it all the time, the Lindsay Lohan saga took a huge step toward full closure yesterday, as the actress admitted to stealing a $2,500 gold necklace in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t the smartest move for Lohan, of course, but she made matters worse by insisting her innocence up until this point, even when it appeared that everybody had her pegged for it anyway. And hope looked for good for justice being served when she was handed down a sentence of 4 month in jail, but of course, she’s a celebrity, so officials say it’ll more than likely be 16-17 days of house arrest.

Are you kidding me?

Whatever happened to actually paying for something when you own up to it? I remember it wasn’t having to admit to lying that was the worst part, it was always the punishment afterward that we all really hated as kids. In fact, that’s the only way kids learn not to lie, because let’s face it, immature people just can’t rely on guilt to keep them on the right path. Just ask Lohan, who’s admission of guilt still didn’t faze her, as she didn’t apologize, but rather said that she just wanted to put all of this behind her.

I guess the real moral of the story here kids is that you can lie and steal, even if you’re not a celebrity anymore. Better still, if you do it in L.A. you won’t even have to go to jail! Thanks again Los Angeles for proving that a washed-up has-been of an actress can still manipulate the system into getting a two week monitored vacation at home for blindly ripping off people who, I can only assume, are working much, much harder than the cracked-out Lohan.


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