Seriously… How Does Norm MacDonald Keep Getting Work?

Has anyone seen The Sports Show on Comedy Central which features Norm MacDonald as its host?  It is one of the least funny television shows I have ever seen of my life.  Why?  Because its host is the least funny comedian I have ever seen in my life.  Seriously, Norm MacDonald has never been funny… ever.  I even pulled a clip of his old stand up to test my hypothesis:
Your thoughts?  I agree, didn’t crack a smile once.  Norm must have the best agent in Hollywood because the guy always has work.  I don’t understand it.  Am I not getting his jokes?  Do older generations think he’s funny?  Correct me if I’m wrong…  He gets paid to be funny, but he’s not funny.  He’s like the weatherman of comedians.  They get paid to tell us what the weather is going to do over the next few days, and they’re wrong like 95% of the time.  Maybe weathermen and Norm MacDonald have the same representation.  I need to hire that person, so I can suck at my job and still get paid ridiculous amounts of money to do it.

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