Goldenstein goes Deep….then Deeper

Only kids with the biggest imaginations could have fathomed it, and almost no adults. Your team needs two wins, in a double-header no less, and they’re asking you to go out and lead them to it only two days after you’ve sat by your mother’s bedside, after not seeing her for a year, and watched her die a slow death.
That’s exactly the situation that the Holyoke (Colo.) High School baseball star Jaydin Goldenstein was in. It’s not like he hadn’t been called on before. The teen has already had games where he had hit two home runs, and is a multisport star, playing on the football and basketball as well. Still, nobody could have possibly dreamed up what Goldenstein was able to accomplish.
His team needed to win both games over rival Wray High School to win out the league title. In doing so, the team would advance to the state playoffs, but the outlook wasn’t great. But Goldenstein literally took both games in his own hands as Holyoke dismantled Wray 11-0 and then 15-8.
In the first game, Goldenstein pitched the first no-hitter of his career, shunning the complete Wray lineup, in a feat that even the rival coach marveled. But then, in a rare turn of events, Goldenstein one-upped his one actions from the first game, pounding the team’s opposing pitcher for the tune of four home runs. In back-to-back games, the youngster compiled a no-hitter and a 4-homer performance, the equivalent to baseball’s holy grail really.
Remember, this all came after his mother, a recovering drug addict, had recently died only after losing custody of Jaydin not much more than a year ago. So hat’s off to Goldenstein, and best of luck to his team in their state title run. I don’t think he’ll ever come close to repeating a day like he had last month, but he’ll know that he shocked the nation in one of the best performances in sports history.

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