The Schwarzeneggars Are Terminated

Though he still harbors dreams of running for President himself, former “Governator” Arnold Schwarzeneggar didn’t do himself any favors today by announcing that he and his wife of 25 years will be divorcing. At first glance you might think this doesn’t seem so bad, but you have to analyze it a little further for it to stick.

For example, Schwarzeneggar isn’t going to win a Presidential bid anyway, but at the same point, even if he plans to run for future office, his soon-to-be ex-wife stood a much better chance of garnering him votes than he did. Maria Shriver, a descendant of the strongest Democratic political family in American history, steps from her husband’s side now after his tumultuous reign as California’s governor. In doing so she’s not only making a great career move (by leaving the sinking ship) but ultimately condemning his future in American politics.

Don’t cry for Arnold, though, rumor is that he’s planning out the next Terminator movie as this is being written, and if there’s any justice in the world, he’ll hopefully film the sequel to the “Pumping Iron” video that put his name out there as a muscled-out jughead in the first place.

But no matter what they decide to do, our thoughts our with the Schwarzeneggar and Shriver families, who will hopefully rebound from their disastrous time in office. One thing’s for sure, as former guest editor of Oprah’s magazine and often a guest of daytime talk shows, I’d be willing to bet a little higher on Shriver’s stock, than the 63-year old Schwarzeneggar’s, Terminator movie or not.

Still, though, we all better be a little bit concerned for Shriver. I mean c’mon, you’ve seen the movies, doesn’t this woman know what he’s capable of?


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