iPad 2 Opening Day Troubles

Competition ran high this past Friday in China when the iPad 2 was released across the country in Apple stores. Scalpers, or those simply trying to buy as many products as they can to turn around and sell them, pose the greatest problems. These scandalous individuals will go to great extremes just to cut ahead on genuine customers in an effort to buy as much product as possible. They will cut in line, push, shove and even punch customers simply to try to get a leg up in understaffed Apple Stores everywhere.

In China, one such scalper went to great extremes to push his way into line at a Beijing Apple store, not only pushing, but attempting to punch security guards in the process. The whole thing only took minutes, but left several injured as the scuffle seemed to spring to epic proportions as people were pushed out of the way trying to get to the single man who created the ruckus, who’s name was not released by authorities.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue, but the problem isn’t simply limited to foreign countries, and also effected U.S. buyers when scalpers attempted similar tactics at Apple stores here. Apparently people just can’t wait to get their hands on these devices in an effort to turn profits as miniscule as $30 per iPad, but sometimes close to $1,000 in countries where the device is not sold.

Still, something needs to happen before the release of the iPad 3 (probably sometime next year) before more innocent people are hurt. It might be worth simply putting greater restrictions on the numbers people can buy, so that the people waiting in line at 4 a.m. will truly be the die-hard techies who need to be the first on their block to have them, instead of the bullheaded jerks who are simply out to make a dollar. This won’t be the last we hear about fights breaking out at Apple stores, so Apple should bulk up its security measures before someone gets seriously injured when trying to stand in the way of a scalper’s $30 profit.


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