Big News for Apple

Oddly enough, this was the complete shocker of the day, for me anyway, as I thought this happened years ago.
Today it was announced that Google lost it’s footing as the the most valuable brand in the world. So who was there to pick it up? There’s plenty of possibilities, but none more obvious than Apple.
Think about it here. They’ve got the new iMac, a white iPhone, a new Macbook, and oh yeah this little thing called the iPad 2. How has it taken Apple so long to dethrone Google, who’s reign as top brand in the world stretched over the entire last four years?
Like I said, this news is not surprising in the fact that it has happened, but that it took so long to reach this point. $153 billion is the key number that finally drove Apple to the point of becoming the world’s most valuable brand in the world, only days after the iPad 2 hit a number of countries in the Eastern world.
So what are the futures for both companies? Eh, about the same really. Apple and Google look to continually vie for this honor back and forth for at least the foreseeable future. Still, though, analysts do warn that the rise of the fast-food industry in China is immensely spiking business for the like of McDonald’s and Starbucks, but until people are waiting for hours on end to pay $800 for a top-of-the-line cup of coffee, I’ll keep investing in Apple. I’d be shocked if any other company can stick it’s nose in to compete, ultimately, and think that we’re only seeing the tip of the Apple iceberg that’s lurking beneath the surface.

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