Slow Your Role, Gilani!

It wasn’t enough for Pakistan to harbor one of the most notorious terrorists in world history. Instead, they decided to make matters worse, by not openly condemning the actions of the United States but revealing the identity of a U.S. C.I.A. agent chief in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Surprisingly enough (or not so surprising depending on how you view Pakistan’s position in all of this) this was not the first time this has happened, as the previous station chief was also revealed to Pakistani media in December and also forced to flee in light of death threats made to his home.

All of this occurred during Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani’s speech that was supposed to reveal what, if anything, Pakistan knew about Bin Laden hiding out in their country. To make matters worse, the Prime Minister did not stop there, but instead took it a step further by blaming the United States, and then even threatening the nation he claims overstepped its boundaries.

In the same public speech, Gilani warned that pursuing future terrorists within Pakistan’s borders would be met with “full force” by the Pakistani government, who claims that they should have been allowed to let their own interior military organization, the I.S.I. to handle the Bin Laden extraction.

Gilani denied the fact that the Pakistani military was knowingly harboring Bin Laden, though, claiming that this notion was “disingenuous.” Still, the Prime Minister better start changing his tune about the actions of the United States, and watch who he outs as a member of a supposedly secret U.S. military organization before he angers the wrong people.

I mean remind me again but how many U.S. soldiers were killed during the mission to extract one of the most wanted, and most dangerous, men in the history of the world? Oh yeah, that’s right, none.

Don’t think we can pull off a mission like that without an inkling of help from the Pakistani government and then not follow it up with a boot up your ass, ending your ability to preach from a pulpit about how badly America needs to apologize to you for ridding your country of one of the largest mass-murderers ever. Better yet, how’s about we pull our $2 billion worth of annual military aid to you and let our real friends India finally invade and take over whatever they see fit? Or the $15 billion the Obama administration pledged in non-military aid over the next ten years and let your people suffer because you can’t even finance your own country?

There’s a lesson to be learned here, and that’s not to try to flex your power to America after you’ve been harboring the biggest enemy to our country since King George III and living off us like a welfare nation. Because if you do, you just might not like what we’re capable of doing in response…


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