Pacquiao vs. Mosley Recap

This passed Saturday 16,000 people flocked to the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, and millions of people across 120 countries tuned in to Shotime and Pay-Per-View for the biggest prize fight of the year.  Manny Pacquiao aka Pacman aka The Fighting Congressman was set to step into the ring with Sugar Shane Mosley.  Both fighters carry the reputation for being punchers and are known for preferring to go toe to toe rather than play to the scorecards.  My prediction was that it would be an exciting fight with a lot of action, leading to a stoppage during the eighth round in favor of Pacquiao.
After the singing of the Filipino and American National Anthems (as well as an unnecessary singing of America the Beautiful by Jamie Foxx) the two fighters entered the arena.  As LL Cool J performed “Mama Said Knock You Out,” Sugar Shane approached the ring looking extremely focused.  When it came time for Manny to take the stage, “Eye of the Tiger” blasted from MGM’s speakers and its classic lyrics were belted out by some guy who looked like he won a karaoke competition on Tuesday.
When the first bell chimed, both fighters came out cautious, showing the respect they had for one another’s power.  Although the action was limited, it became evident that Pacquiao had a significant speed advantage; a feat which would keep Mosley uncomfortable and hesitant for the duration of the fight.
Round two had a little more action than the first.  Manny, being the shorter fighter, was still trying to find the distance, but was still able to successfully land a few impressive combinations.  Mosley was still unwilling to let his hands go, and would lose the second round.
The third round was when it went all downhill for Sugar Shane.  The 39 year old fighter hit the canvass for the third time of his career, compliments of a right jab, left straight combination by Pacquiao.  After Mosley rose at the count of eight, Manny smelled blood and was ready to put Shane out of his misery.   I  was starting to think my $55 was ill-spent.  Although Mosley was clearly dazed for the remainder of the round he managed to survive.
Rounds four through nine were lackluster, so much so, that boos could be heard coming from the crowd.  Each round consisted of Manny trying to attack and force action, but instead of counter punching, Mosley would simply fall back and retreat until the closing bell would sound.  At the start of the fifth round, the punch counter showed 174 punches for Pacquiao to Mosleys miniscule 80.
The 10th round started off looking like the prior six.  However, Mosley inadvertently stepped on Pacquiao’s foot causing him to fall.  Kenny Bayless, the referee, mistakenly ruled it a knockdown and after a short count Manny got up with an added spark.  The champion went into attack mode, landing several combinations, while Mosley continued to shield himself and retreat.
Round 11 began and it was clear that Manny had knockout on his mind.  He came out firing still angered by the knockdown call of the previous round, and was pumped up by the crowd chanting, “Knock him out!”  But Mosley continued to fall back, avoiding Pacquiao’s punches and did not want any piece of the action.
The final round started and ended similarly to the majority of earlier rounds.  The judges decided unanimously for Pacquiao.
Obviously, I was upset with the show that was put on.  I love boxing and get excited when a big card like this is announced.  Mosley just didn’t have the fight in him last night, and was clearly bothered by the speed, power and skill of the Welterweight Champion.  Despite his performance, I don’t think Mosley is too old to continue competing.  He is in incredible shape, would still fare well against most of the upcoming contenders.  Pacquiao, to put it plainly, is just too good.  The only person who would be able to compete with him (no surprises here) is Floyd Mayweather Jr.  and this blogger is convinced that Manny would win that battle as well.  
Now, us fight fans will have to watch countless UFC cards until the next big boxing match is announced.  A rematch between Manny and Juan Manuel Marquez is already being negotiated, and those two have had epic battles in the passed so that is something we have to look forward to.

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