Little Baby Bynum Bounced

There’s always great satisfaction for sports fans everywhere when a juggernaut of a team is upset and pushed aside by a lesser foe. People love to cheer on the underdog, no matter at what level of competition, and this weekend proved no different as the Los Angeles Lakers were served a slice of humble pie by the Dallas Mavericks.
The Mavericks not only swept the Lakers, winning the first 4 in what could have been a 7 game series, but whooped them to the tune of a 122-86 final score in the deciding game. But this situation was even different for the underdog Mavericks, who unearthed what many people assumed about the 2011 Lakers: that they’re simply a bunch of whiny brats.
That’s right, these Lakers are no championship team, and even their legendary coach couldn’t hold back the fact that they are by far the most unsportsmanlike team in the NBA. Not only did Kobe Bryant continue to whine, and blame others instead of taking the reigns as a leader and apologizing for his team’s defeat, but other “stars” showed their true side as well.
Lamar Odom showed he’s not immune to drawing controversy by not only marrying the ugliest Kardashian sister earlier this year, but then by attempting to elbow Dirk Nowitzki to the ground after Game 7 was already lost, a move that wasn’t so successful. Ron Artest proved he’s not the changed man that everyone thought, elbowing a much smaller player in the face, and then openly mocking the fact that “everyone’s laughing at Laker’s fans.” But the ultimate display of arrogance and lack of sportsmanship goes to Andrew Bynum, only days after he whined publicly that their was not trust amongst Laker teammates.
Bynum took the cake by body-slamming the Mavericks’ J.J. Barea, who came off the bench to score over 20, and add 8 assists, continually driving through the lane with ease. So Bynum, frustrated by the fact that the back-up point guard was simply having his way with the Lakers’ interior defense, decided to throw an elbow directly to Barea’s ribs while he was airborne, sending him crashing to the ground. Though he avoided serious injury, Barea is all of 100 pounds lighter, and arguably about a foot shorter than the giant Bynum, who I’m sure felt like a real man after slamming the much smaller Barea down and then taunting over him. He didn’t stop there though, as the immensely immature Bynum then went to the extreme of taking off his jersey and twirling around his head while walking out in front of the Dallas Mavericks’ home crowd shouting obscenities.
Nice work Andrew, and good job to the rest of the Lakers, who showed sports fans everywhere why they shouldn’t like the front-runners. It’s not that liking a winner is wrong, and true fans of the franchise should be embarrassed but not wane in their support. Still though, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a team so full of itself fall flat on its face in the ultimate form of embarrassment. Nice job guys, hopefully you can learn some civility during the rest of your off-season, which is now considerably longer than whoever will be taking the championship trophy you were front-runners for and placing it on their mantle.

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  1. is it me or just Bynum look like Tracy Morgan from the side right there? This speculation raises a second question… Is it possible that Bynum could be the real Brian Fellows?

  2. and yes, i just found out that the word speculation doesn't make sense in that context – i am an idiot

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