Cell Phones Causing Divorce?

Only a day after Mother’s Day and there’s already a story about a foreign country cracking down on women’s rights. But while at first it may seem that Indians are being a bit too cruel, perhaps there’s a bit of merit in their actions.

The Indian government asked newly-wed women today to stop using their mobile phones so much. That’s right, the government is asking women to cut down on their calling within their first two years of marriage. The driving force behind this is even more bizarre, however, as the government is asking them to do this solely based on the fact that it creates a higher divorce rate. Indian men, believing women are on their cell phones communicating with ex-boyfriends, ask for more divorces than ever, spurned on by jealousy.
Perhaps the government should be wary of asking so much of newly-wed women, though, and not just because it seems the ruling is a bit sexist. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by the Indian government officials, 40% of newly-wed Indian women admitted to considering a divorce because their husbands and in-laws did not approve of their mobile phone habits. So it appears that this is a two-way street, infuriating both sexes on the way to breaking up marriages. A compromise appears to be in dire need, which leads me to wonder what on earth is going on over in India?
How is it that your first years of marriage your biggest problems revolve around cell-phone usage? Whatever happened to being pissed that your dinner was burnt, or that your mother-in-law would never leave you alone?
I think the influx of modern technology continues to prove complicated in many parts of the world, but this is ridiculous. Indian couples need to address this apparently growing problem before it gets even more comic. My advice? If she’s got to talk on the phone that much, just make sure she’s got a solid phone plan. Remember gents, a high phone bill is nothing compared to losing half of your possessions in a divorce.

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