On Gay Marriage…

This video has been getting a lot of hype across internet land and I couldn’t help responding to it.  Rep. Steve Simon actually gets it.  He isn’t trying to force his standpoint upon his audience like so many politicians do.  He is calmly explaining how he feels on the issue of gay marriage and all he’s asking, is for people to put their moral beliefs behind them for a second and seriously think about the issue.  In the short clip he makes several powerful statements , “We have to be careful about trying to enshrine our beliefs however religiously valid we may believe them to be,” and, “Sexuality and sexual orientation are a gift from God … How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves, whether or not God actually wants them around?” 
Gay marriage has been an ongoing debate for several years now, and I don’t understand why it continues to be outlawed across the country.  This nation was built on the foundation of equal rights for all and it’s amazing how hypocritical our leaders and citizens can be.  What confuses me the most is how religion can pose any type of political legitimacy.  “Well the bible says it’s wrong.”  The bible also says pre marital sex and cheating on your wife are wrong.  How many politicians are guilty of those acts?  I mean, there was a President who couldn’t keep his pants up in the oval office during the 90s and JFK was banging Marilyn Monroe.  Doesn’t sound too Christian to me.  “Well it’s not natural in nature…”  Ok, if you want to take that route, technically the idea of marriage isn’t natural since only 11 other species of animals have one mate for life.  (And one of those is termites, so I don’t think they should count.)
What I’m trying to say here, is that I don’t think the government should have any stand on whether or not homosexuals should have the right to get married.  It goes against the idea of separation of church and state.  Why should anyone have a say in whether or not a couple can get married, besides the two individuals?  If they want to get married and eventually divorced (over 50% of marriages do these days) let them have it.  What’s the big deal?  Legally, everyone should have the right to get married, but if a particular church feels it’s wrong, then they can turn the couple away.

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