Happy Star Wars Day

Please let me begin this post by expressing how disappointed I am in myself. I had no idea that May 4th is Star Wars Day. Had I known this, I would have driven to work in my sandcrawler instead of my Subaru.

With that out of the way lets move on to he good news, shall we? Today, Lucasfilm informed the galaxy that a Blu-ray version of the epic Star Wars saga will be released in America on September 16th and it will be a nine disc set. “But Greg, there are only six episodes!” I know! Discs 1-6 will be each of the movies (episodes I-III will of course immediately be burned since they sucked) and discs 7-9 will include a buttload of added features including deleted and alternative scenes amongst other things. Pricing details are yet to be released.

Is it bad that I’m really excited over this news? I’ve been trying to get to maythe4th.starwars.com all day to try and catch a glimpse of “exclusive imagery” from the Blu-ray releases, but so are millions of other people so I haven’t been able to get through. I wonder if my fellow NGD contributor has taken it upon himself to watch the best movie trilogy ever yet.


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