Sony Screws Up… Again

Sony has been in the news a lot lately. Not because of a sweet new gadget that is taking the technology industry by storm or because of a newly released video game that has gamers raving. The technology giant, to put it plainly, has been f*cking up… royally.

Over the passed few weeks, headlines have been overrun by the PlayStation Network debacle. PS3’s online gaming network went down on April 20th and it took the company a week to come out and say that the “unhackable” network indeed had it’s security breached. 70 million accounts are at risk, including credit card information.

Today, more good news was released from Sony. Apparently, hackers weren’t satisfied with the damage done to the PlayStation Network so they moved on to target Sony Online Entertainment. Now, an additional 24.6 million of Sony’s customers have had their information stolen and more than 20,000 credit card accounts are at risk.

Last week, infamous Sony hacker George Hotz (aka GeoHot) bashed Sony executives. He claims that these executives are, “Arrogant”. He went on to say that if the company didn’t cut corners on security measures and hired more engineers instead of lawyers, these hack attacks would not have been possible.

In a weak attempt to make up for this issue Sony will be giving customers a month of free access plus an additional day for every day the network remains down. They will also be giving free downloadable content as well as 30 days access to its PlayStation Plus Service. If I had any of my credit card information on these networks I would have cancelled the service already. Lets hope these hackers don’t target my beloved XBox Live next.


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