Another Deadbeat Idiot

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In another all too familiar incident, reality television led to an alleged shooting outside of Las Vegas recently, but this time it doesn’t look like they’re to blame. On the new reality show “Repo Games,” which allows customers who’s vehicles and possessions up for repossession the ability to win back their items if they answer questions corrections, a customer didn’t take to the game too well.
40-year-old Carlos Enrique Barron, a special education teacher at a Las Vegas middle school, allegedly came out of his house brandishing a weapon and fired at the crew of the new television show. When questioned about the event Barron says he didn’t fire a shot, but was arrested this past weekend anyway.
Still, reality television isn’t too blame here because, even though the cameras were rolling, this is an all too familiar scene across America that needs to be addressed. People need to start understanding that if they do not pay their bills, they they’re things are going to be repossessed. It just boggles my mind how somebody can think that they are entitled to keeping their car when they don’t pay their bills for half a year and then fight the repossession guys who come to collect.
These repo men are simply blue-collar workers doing a job that the white-collar dealership owners are unable, or simply afraid, to do on their own. So people, if your cars being repossessed, GROW UP! You’re the one not paying your own bills and the people coming after stuff that’s not rightfully yours anymore are simply doing their jobs. Cut these guys a break, otherwise you’ll end up like Barron, just another idiot going to jail because he couldn’t pay his car bill, who, instead of being an adult and looking into the matter, stupidly thought he could get away with firing a gun at the crew. Unbelievable.

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