Alphabetem – Words vs. Friends

Next time you’re creeping on Facebook and you finish shedding tears as you look at pictures of you and your ex-significant other, take some time and try out this new game called Alphabetem – Words vs. Friends.  Once you start playing you won’t easily be able to stop playing, it’s scientifically proven to be more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes a good book.
Alphabetem is a competitive word search with a dash of poker.  Each game consists of three rounds and six players can compete in the same game room.  The first two rounds consists of each player with their own word search puzzle trying to find as many words as they can within the 45 second time limit.  Next comes the bonus round and it gets intense.  Everyone in the game room will be searching for the same words on the same puzzle, and when one of your opponents finds a word it gets crossed off the list.  I personally have felt the pain of not finding any words in the final round and it doesn’t feel too good when your “friends” shove that in your face.  Where does the poker come in?  Each round starts with a round of bets.  “Miles” are the currency used for the game, and the more games you win, the higher your name moves up on the leader board.  Nothing feels better than seeing your name next to the number 1 right? 
Personally, I find this more entertaining than Words with Friends because it isn’t a rip off of Scrabble, I like gambling with things which carry no monetary value, and it’s a new and original idea.  The developers also from time to time give cash prizes to those who participate in the game’s organized tournaments which have no purchase necessary to join.  That’s right, cash money for playing a Facebook game.  What’re you waiting for?  Go get five of your friends and start a game of Alphabetem – Words vs. Friends, I guarantee you won’t stop after the first round.

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