Thank An American Today!

After a weekend full of great baseball, emotional tornado recoveries, and capped off by one of the biggest blows to terrorism ever (screw you Osama) you should be pretty proud to be an American. Over the course of this weekend we’ve shown our resiliency and proved that we can not only help those in need between our own borders, but take care of our vendettas elsewhere as well.

Sadly, though, the world marches on, and today North Korea is stepping up efforts to curtail the news of Osama bin Laden’s death between its borders by confiscating cell phones. While already illegal in the country, North Koreans have been smuggling in cell phones for years from neighboring countries, most notably China. The practice may be grossly unfair in the way that it holds back an entire nation, but North Korea’s snatching of cell phones does reaffirm how great it is to be an American.
My brother called me up, on my cell phone, late last night to make sure I was aware of the news, and to turn to the beautiful sight of fans uniting at the Phillies game for a chant of “U.S.A.!” I don’t know what I’d do without my phone on a day to day basis, but even little things like this are a blessing because we live in a place where men protect our freedoms daily, risking their own lives, so we can have such little things as news on our cell phones and the ability to talk to our loved ones.
So, today, in light of recent events, be invigorated and proud to be an American, even if you only let it show outwardly for the rest of today. Thank someone in uniform, or even give a free high-five to someone you don’t normally talk to to celebrate the fact that you’re an American and living in a country where you have the freedom to openly express your emotions. Take time and make sure you pay homage to America, even if its just to call someone you love from your cell phone because you’re lucky enough to live in a country that won’t take that freedom from you.

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