A Great Day for America

It has been nearly a decade since we experienced the horror of September 11th. The images of the towers collapsing is a memory which we all have had to live with, and it is something we will never forget. The attackers targeted America with the intent of changing our country and impact the way we live. They succeeded, not more than a day later Americans were coming together at candlelight vigils with their flags in hand.

Despite the amount of time which has passed, our brave men and women serving the country in the armed forces have never stopped the pursuit of justice. Late last night, President Barack Obama confirmed that the face of evil and mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden, is dead. In an operation with the intent to kill the mass murderer, a Navy Seal task force met their objective in Abbottabad, Pakistan without suffering American casualties.

As the word began to spread, more and more Americans heard the news, and the patriotism which we experienced soon after the attacks began to resurface. Crowds of people gathered outside the front gates of the White House and sang the National Anthem as they waited for our President to make the official announcement and chants of, “U-S-A” spread throughout Citizen’s Bank Park as the Phillies played against the Mets.

Today will go down as a monuments day for America and a leap in the right direction in our war against terror. We salute those who continue to serve our country during these frightening times of conflict and extend our condolences to those still mourning the loss of a loved one due to September 11th.


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