Please Stop Talking About the Wedding

If you’re like me, which I’m sure many of you are, you’re sick and tired of hearing about the royal wedding. Every day and every night for the passed few months it’s been, Royal Wedding this and that. What is she wearing, who will attend, what kind of cake will be served? Seriously… Who the f*ck cares? I was watching the news last night and even British citizens are pissed at all the hype this has been getting.

What does the royal family even do to rake in all the money they have? The only political power that I’ve heard any of them have is the queen during the rare circumstance of a deadlock in the race for electing a new Prime Minister. If the voters cannot make a decision she has the final say and I’m not even sure if that has ever happened. If anyone can educate me about this please leave a comment. Until then I hope the royal family stays healthy and un-pregnant so I don’t have to hear about them anymore.


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