Way To Go Oakland!

One of the biggest issues plaguing the NFL in recent years has been how bad the Oakland Raiders, a once proud and menacing franchise, have become. Still, they hadn’t pulled a corporate let-down and sold-out their stadium name like so many others…until now.
Eccentric millionaire, and team owner, Al Davis may have made his biggest mistake since he proclaimed that JaMarcus Russell would be his franchise quarterback and wasted the No. 1 overall pick a few years ago. The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum will now be know as Overstock.com Coliseum, in a deal worth only $7 million dollars, but lasting for, at least, the next six years.
What’s worse is that Overstock.com is currently restructuring, and moving toward a name change of their own. In all actuality, by the time professional football is played in the newly-named building, it will actually be the O.co Coliseum. Think it sounds ridiculous? You’re not alone, Raiders fans are already in an uproar. One of their only claims of grandeur in the last few years was the fact that at least their owner had not sold out the name of the stadium that they play in. Oh well, name change or not, at least there’s hope that they’ll still ruin this year’s NFL draft with awful first round picks yet again. Way to go Al!

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