Milk Thief Caught!

Imagine you’re shopping At Walmart, and while you excitedly fill your shopping cart with products listed at incredibly low prices you see a full grown man wearing a cow costume crawling on all fours. After following him to the milk aisle you witness the individual fill a shopping cart with 26 gallons of milk and mosey out if the front of the store. He then starts handing the cartons to incoming shoppers. That dream was a reality for patrons at the Stafford, VA Walmart. The costumed individual was 18 year old Jonathan Payton, and after attempting to skip away from police he was issued a court order at the scene.

I love ridiculous police reports like this, its definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. How does Jason plan to explain this one to his parents? I hope he turns out to be a PETA activist trying to prove a point intend of a moronic teen tying to get some cheap laughs out of friends who were video taping the event. Chances are it’s the latter.


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