Carl Lewis Refuses Stand Down

In another move of genius, former Olympic champion Carl Lewis decided that he was going to run for a Senate seat in New Jersey. Unfortunately for Lewis, he didn’t read the requirements too well, and Secretary of State Kim Gaudagno booted him from the race entirely, before his name ever appeared on a ballot.
Now, because of Lewis’ grandeur, the case has become a circus in which he has blamed every Republican, including the state’s Governor for “forcing him out of the race.” Lewis keeps overlooking the fact, though, that he failed to meet residency requirements, and even lived and voted in California up through 2009.
I’m not saying that he’s waging this war simply to get his name back into the limelight, but Carl Lewis needs to set a good example here and step down amicably and put this all behind him. I’m really sick of people running for Congressional seats in other states just because they think they can win.
Whatever happened to electing someone you felt comfortable with? Someone you could trust because they grew up in a nearby community and you knew they’d do right by you when they got to Washington? Why all of the sudden is it necessary to be a celebrity to hold one of the most important positions in American politics?
I know Lewis went to high school in New Jersey, but it’s been years since he’s been a part of the community and knew their needs. If it were my home district, I’d much rather vote for a community leader, or at least someone who’s familiar with politics before someone famous for winning Olympic gold and butchering the singing of the national anthem. Step your game up here New Jersey and elect someone with real political clout, not just another celebrity looking for media attention.


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