Yet Another Genius College Student

Anyone who’s ever been in college and woken up to forget they had a midterm that day knows the feeling. You’re scared and you just wish that somehow, something would postpone it just enough for you to probably get drunk and neglect it again. Well, some lucky students at Western Illinois University were blessed with that delay when their fellow student called in multiple bomb threats last fall.

Cameron McKoy is no hero, though. In fact, he’s really a colossal idiot. The 18-year old was only charged with one bomb threat after allegedly telephoning in that he had placed a bomb on campus on October 25th. Police quickly caught him, tracing him back to the threat itself. Did Cameron give up? Of course not.

Instead, the idiotic freshmen decided to attempt to frame a relative, using their e-mail address to send additional bomb threats. Nice job kid, did you really think that prosecutors wouldn’t make the connection? It’s amazing to think that someone would actually pull off something as stupid as trying to cover up their own bomb threat with additional ones from a relative’s e-mail. McKoy is up for a maximum sentence of 10 years after pleading guilty, but judging by his immense lack of intelligence, no matter how the case turns out he has no business going back to college ever again.


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