PA Ninja Wreaks Havoc in Uniontown

WPXI reports that Uniontown, PA is being tormented by a man wearing black from head to toe, wielding a katana.  The individual has broken into nearly twelve cars and even attempted to stab a man who tried to stop him.  There have been several eyewitnesses who have seen the man before he disappeared into the darkness, one of whom saw him finish a bottle of liquor and drop it on the ground before running away.
Besides the fact that one person was nearly stabbed by this insane individual, does anyone else find this story hilarious?  I mean, there is actually a guy who gets all liquored up at night, throws on a ninja costume and breaks stuff with his sword.  The best part is, he’s actually a decent ninja!  He is able to do his dirty work and then successfully disappear into the night.  Hit the jump to see the eyewitness reports.


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