Vick Doesn’t Slip, Predictably

Since when have we become so enamored with celebrity opinions that we rely turn to them for their take on anything and everything in entertainment?
Today I saw a news article claiming that Michael Vick wants Google to shut down an app designed as a game for youngsters to raise dogs for the purpose of fighting against one another. In the article, Vick was cited as “releasing a statement to the press,” something he not only didn’t write himself, but didn’t feel the need to call a press conference to announce in person, thankfully. You know what the release said? You guessed it, Vick supports the pulling of the app.
This kind of thing bothers me because it’s just diluting the news. When are we going to stop asking celebrities opinions on issues when we already know what they, or more than likely their publicists, are going to say? You have to know that they’re going to say the politically correct thing just to save their reputation, so why even bother asking if we’re going to hear the same old generic answers?
What’s next, Britney Spears’ advice on parenting? Larry King’s opinion on a loving marriage? Unless they have something truly valuable, or truly detrimental, to say, why not just leave them out of the articles in favor of the real news altogether?

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