Trying To Get A Date?

If you need help attracting the opposite sex, you’re not alone. Many men and women struggle everyday with meeting and dating new people, leading you to maybe consign yourself to an online dating service or writing letters to someone in prison. You don’t have to stoop that low just yet. Instead there’s a few simple solutions that you can try.
For starters, be confident. Recent studies have shown what experts have been saying all along. Both guys and girls love confidence, it’s no secret. So even if deep down you feel like you don’t have the goods, act like your flaunting it anyway. It’s not lying, as some might say, but simply showcasing what you’ve got. If they don’t like it, they won’t want to date you anyway, but at least they won’t be turned off by the fact you’re just being shy.
Once you get a date, or even a conversation, there’s a couple of simple things you can do to help secure yourself a second date. The first is to avoid touching your face, especially itching or scratching, and definitely never picking your nose. Studies have shown that the more people touch their face, the worse they appear to the opposite sex. Partners like to see your face because it adds to the confidence factor and also reassures people that you are telling the truth in whatever you are saying. Another thing to make sure you don’t do is crossing your arms. More studies have shown that people are instantly turned off by crossed arms, and they often don’t even know why. I think it also harkens back to the trust factor, very important to men, as well as women.
Finally, don’t ignore those gut feelings. If a woman is twirling her hair or rubbing your arm, there’s a fair chance she might be interested after all. And women, a man who’s got a nervous laugh or attempts to impress you in trivial ways is probably interested as well. The biggest thing to remember here, when talking to someone you may think is interested, is to maintain casual eye contact. Many would-be relationships are lost because by the time the man notices a woman glancing at him or holding his attention, she has already looked away and he thinks it’s just a figment of his imagination. If you’re interested, take the shot people! Life’s too short, and what’s the worst case scenario, a little embarrassment?
Try to use these tactics to your advantage, but also remember to be yourself because life’s hard enough without trying to be someone you’re not and you’ll want them to fall for you, not who they think you are.

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