Lady Gaga’s Rare Role

In one of the rarest circumstances in the history of god-parenting history (I’d assume), Elton John and his life partner David Furnish have confirmed who their 4-month old son Zachary’s godmother is. Elton John, who has been knighted and is one of the best selling artists in England’s long music history, seems to be a beloved figure around the globe. He’s got millions of fans (and dollars) and has connections all across the globe. So you’d expect him to go one of two ways with this decision. He’d either make a sensible choice, someone he knows, loves, and respects, or he’d make a grand gesture and take the flavor of the month celebrity that’s hottest on the charts recently. John opted for the latter.
I don’t know her as well as he does, hopefully, but recently the couple named Lady Gaga as the child’s godmother. That’s right, they picked a woman who has dripped blood on herself during an awards show performance, wore a dress made of meat, and is currently embroiled in a music plagiarism scandal. It didn’t look like the child was going to have a normal life anyway, but this is just pretty ridiculous. Can you imagine a Sunday morning brunch with daddy Elton and mommy Gaga? I wonder who would have the more flamboyant outfit? I wonder if Gaga would even wear an outfit?
Anway, good luck to baby Zachary, he’s going to need it.

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