Organ Donations from a Death Row Inmate

Here’s the situation.  You’re at the hospital and your doctor informs you that you are going to need a kidney transplant.  As it turns out, there has been a perfect DNA match found and the individual is willing to donate the necessary organ.  The only thing is, the man who is anxious to give you his kidney murdered his family.  Would you go along with it?  I’d be hesitant.  According to Dexter Morgan, killing is in an individuals genetics, and once it’s in you it never goes away.
Christian Longo is a death row inmate who was found guilty for killing his wife and three children in 2001.  Longo initially denied the allegations against him, but came clean last month about the events that occurred.    He realizes that he will not leave the penitentiary alive and his last wish is for his organs to be donated instead of disposed of after he is executed.  “If I donated all my organs today,” Longo stated, “I could clear nearly one percent of my state’s organ waiting list.  I am 37 years old and healthy; throwing my organs away after I am executed would be nothing but a waste.”  
Kind of crazy that one individual’s organs could have that much of an impact on the organ waiting list, so Longo makes a valid point.  Did I just say a man convicted of killing his wife and children has a good idea?  Even though the idea makes sense I find it difficult to give a definitive yes or no to the proposal, given all other factors of the situation.

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