How Do You Celebrate Easter?

The typical way for people to celebrate Easter is to travel to a family member’s home for a night or two of food, drink, and maybe an Easter Egg hunt. New Zealand residents partake in such events, but with a twist. Instead of hunting for eggs they hunt for bunnies. That’s right, they take to the hills and the Great Easter Bunny Hunt begins.

Rabbits are considered pests in the area so it is looked at as a way of helping the environment. The competition starts on Friday with teams having twelve shooters. A total of 564 people with guns will be participating this year and they have until noon Saturday to bring in their haul. In past years more than 20,000 of the cuddly critters have caught bullets and been brought in to roast. The top team will walk home with $2,800 and bragging rights until next year. Elmur Fudd would be in heaven if he had the opportunity to partake in the mass slaughter.


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