F*** The Police

Sorry to be so sports-heavy recently readers, but this issue is just ridiculous. The Arizona State Sun Devils have finally decided that they are going to transition from their Walt Disney-inspired logos of old, to the new demonic look above. Seemed all fine and dandy at first, but now the naysayers are coming out of the woodwork, and its not the people you would think.
Police officers from all across Arizona and California are now expressing their concerns about the new logo and colors, stating that gangs will begin to affiliate themselves with the uniforms. As much as I love and respect law enforcement, I’ve got to say “C’mon!” to this one.
The goal of football is to intimidate and overwhelm the opponent, and I’m glad that teams are finally starting to take advantage of ominous colors and grotesque logos. Arizona State’s new uniforms are a step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned, and shouldn’t be censored because gangs may adopt them as their own.
If we start censoring our sports uniform every team will end up like the Miami Dolphins, dressing in teal and orange with a girly mascot. Do we really want to castrate the mascots of all American teams just because they might influence gang activity thousands of miles from where they even play?

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