NFL Has Fans In Mind…For Once

Lost in the horrible way in which they are handling this debacle of the NFL labor disagreement, the higher ups in charge of making a schedule actually did a great job, if there is a season, that is. While the opening game is on a Thursday and features the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints, the real drama unfolds only a few days later.

In a classy move, the NFL execs have pitted the New York Giants against the Washington Redskins on the opening Sunday of the NFL season. While this may not seem like a blockbuster match-up (especially given the recent trend of the Redskins), this particular Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on both cities in 2001.

In a solemn tribute, September 11 will mark the Sunday beginning of the NFL’s 2011 season, and who else would be better to play in it than the two cities most affected by the terrorist attacks themselves? I can’t guarantee it will be a good game, nor can we assume that either team will be contending for a Super Bowl title to bring home to the city ten years after the vicious attacks on innocent residents of New York and Washington. But ultimately, and during a tumultuous time no less, the NFL has come on strong here and shown that they do care about the fans…to some degree.


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