Ireland’s Open For Business

That’s right, if you’ve ever thought about visiting Ireland, the place where millions upon millions of Americans claim their ancestral roots, now’s the time to do it. Recently, travel consultants have announced that Ireland is so debt-stricken that they are slashing rates across the board at restaurants and hotels, even at castles.
Buyer beware, though. These deals seem great, but if you get sucked in too quickly, you won’t realize that some of the tourist hot-spots you may have seen in books and magazines aren’t so willing to drop their price. Still, for those of you who are travel savvy and just want to make it out to the Green Isle, then go for it because nows your time to see that beautiful, moss-covered country and all it has to offer.
Ireland’s goal is to get back to its prime of 2007, when over 9 million people visited. Even though that’s twice the national population of Ireland today, the United States contributed 1 million of those visitors and that’s not soon forgotten. So if you want to get away (for cheaper than normal) jump on the Ireland bandwagon and start price shopping online. You might be surprised when you realized that vacation you’ve pined for for years is actually most affordable right now.

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