Nerd’s Revenge Backfires

For everyone who’s finally gotten the better of all those people who beat them up or put them down in high school, the old adage of “taking the high road,” should be followed at all costs. You’re probably reading this saying that if you ever get famous you’re going to throw it in their faces, that’s fine too, but take heed from Scott Adams that that might not be the best course of action.
Adams, who founded the Dilbert comic strip, enraged followers who had thought that he had avoided the spotlight and lived a reclusive life, and in a way he did. Adams didn’t take the high road, bashing people all across the internet who criticized his art on message boards. But instead of coming clean and challenging his foes face to face (or as close as you can get to nerds who never leave their mom’s basement), the comic artist chose to use a pseudonym instead when bashing all of his naysayers.
Not a great move here, Scott. Not only did you prove that you were just as low as every other pen-jockeying geek with a bone to pick and weird-fitting glasses, you proved you weren’t even man enough to stand up to these people and use your real name. Hope keeping up your “image” (or lack there of) was really worth it, because now we all know you may be creative and made of money, but you’re also a coward. Oh, and don’t worry, if you read this I won’t be scouring the comments anytime soon looking for your pseudonym, so feel free to use your real name, I do on all of my posts.

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