Nanny State Nonsense

Last week we posted about an elementary school principal who banned students from bringing bagged lunches to school. Today, the spread of the nanny state continues and it gets more ridiculous.

The state of New York, in an attempt to increase regulation on summer camps, has deemed several playground classics as unsafe. The revised list now includes Wiffle Ball, kickball, dodgeball, freeze tag, capture the flag, steal the bacon and red rover. If a recreational program offers two or more of these activities they have to register as a summer camp and pay a $200 fee. Although it does not seem like a significant amount, several representatives are worried it will cripple smaller programs

Really New York? I know we want to protect our youth but to what extent. I thought the goal was to get kids off the couch and outside. Is it really necessary to put the new regulations in force to protect against a few scraped knees and elbows?


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