An Audit for Donuts?

Who likes donuts?  Seeing as this is America and we’re growing more obese by the second, I’ll assume everyone is nodding their head yes and/or drooling at the picture above.  If you said no, you can get out of the country because you’re clearly a communist.  Now, imagine going to watch your favorite baseball team play and you come to find out that you won free coffee and donuts for almost a year.  Sounds like a double win right?  WRONG!
Bob Choate, a Houston Astros fan, thought exactly the same thing.  While attending a home game, Choate won 315 coupons to Shipley Do-Nuts, totaling $927.61 in discounts.  Since that is over $600, what did the big bad Internal Revenue Service say?  Taxable!  They required that a 1099 be issued for the prize and Choate had to pay $237 when he filed his tax return.  He called the Astros to see if they would offer any type of assistance and received no relief.  Luckily the owner of the donut company, Lawrence Shipley, agreed to pay the expense.
I don’t know about you, but I think this is an inside job.  If you read my post about snitching you would know that the IRS offers a reward to those who inform them of people skipping out on taxes.  I bet theres a very chubby accountant who got a bunch of donuts for this information.

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