Buy Me This Toy

If someone buys this for me they will be exempt from having to buy me birthday and Christmas presents for the rest of their life. That picture is not the newest version of Air Hogs, it’s a Finnish aeronautical engineer’s latest creation. Aki Suokas has finished developing The FlyNano and in three months you can buy one for yourself.

What is it? It is a one person aircraft made entirely of carbon fiber. The incredibly light vehicle weighs just 70kg and can climb up to heights of 3km. Three models will be available, with the most expensive being just $39,000. The base model will have a 24bhp electric only engine and will be capable of flying distances of 40 km. The top of the line FlyNano will have 35bhp powered by a petroleum engine, will have a range of 70 km and can reach speeds of 140km per hour.

So if you want to buy this for me send an email to so I can send you all of my information.


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