Want To Make Some Money?

In a follow up to a previous article in which North Dakota, yes that North Dakota, was revealed this past year as ranking as the number one state for Americans to live in, another study has been released showing where you can make the most money. And guess what? The real shocker here is that North Dakota is not in the top ten. Of course, neither is South Dakota, which really puts them in that awkward running of potentially worst state out there (get ’em Idaho!).
Still, not so surprisingly, Maine and Hawaii ranked dead last of all states, while Illinois, Washington and Texas made up the top three. The wildcard here was certainly Delaware, who occupied the number five spot for earners.
The most unlikely place that will leave you poor, however, was California, who I thought had its fair share of millionaires. Apparently, though, the total average adjusted income for California residents was $29, 772, fourth worst in the country. And if you think it’s just “cost of living” you’d be surprised, as states like Massachusetts and Virginia ranked high on the money-makers list.
So what’s to be learned from all of this? Don’t move to California, and don’t buy into those terrible commercials that end with the Governator tempting you to come out and “visit” him in Cali. Tupac would be ashamed of you all out there. Get on your game and go get dat cheddah yo!

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