Pen15 Museum Gets New "Member"

Sigurder Hjartarson could not be more excited about the newest exhibit which was recently donated to his museum in Husavik, Iceland. Anyone who runs a museum would get excited to be in such a situation, but this museum is like no other. In it’s fifteen year existence thousands upon thousands of tourists have come to view its wide selection of… penises. That’s right The Phallological Museum displays a wide array of animal penises in jars. Now, along with the 67″ sperm whale penis and a lampshade made from bull testicles the museum will enjoy it’s first ever human specimen. It came from the recently deceased body of 95 year old Pall Arason, who Hjartarson describes as a man who loved to be provocative. Many other specimens from human subjects have been offered but all up to his point been declined. Kind of makes you think what makes this one so special… kind of.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry there is no picture for this post as I find it difficult to imagine an image for this subject that would not require an “Adult Content” flag.


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