At Little Village Academy, an elementary school of Chicago’s West Side, the communist leader principal has banned students from bringing their own lunches to school.  That’s right, no Lunchables, no Cheetos, the only thing students are able to eat are lunches similar to the vomit pictured above (that is supposedly an enchilada).  The theory of Principal Elsa Carmona is that, banning home packed lunches will decrease the amount junk food ingested by students.  She states she grew tired of seeing students bring bottles of soda and sugary snacks in for lunch everyday.  She also says many other schools enforce the same policy, although she refused to mention any.  My theory?  According to the Chicago Public Schools website, 733 students attend Little Village Academy and lunches cost $2.25 … See what I’m getting at here?
Most students, needless to say, are not thrilled about the policy, and many parents are worried about the cost of having to buy their child lunch everyday.  However, one father stated, “The school food is very healthy, and when they bring food from home, there is no control over the food.”  Really?  You have no control over the food that’s coming out of YOUR HOUSE?  Do you run through the aisles of the grocery store with a blind fold on?  
In all seriousness, lets think about the eating habits of kids ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.  What happens when you put a plate of food in front of them that they don’t like.  They will either throw a hissy fit and refuse to eat it, or they will stare at it until it is time to leave, and again they will not eat.  So what would be better?  Kids actually eating a lunch which they brought from home, yes it probably will have sugary snacks and potato chips, but at least they are eating.  Or would you prefer kids not performing to their full academic abilities because they couldn’t stomach the slop you served for lunch?
I probably would have started riots over not being able to bring my Fluffernutter sandwiches and Cooler Ranch Doritos for lunch.  If any of these kids are smart they would start bringing back packs into school loaded with candy bars and chips like Randy from The Wire.  Better believe kids would be paying top dollar for those black market goods.

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