Only In The Northeast

As a wise man, I would be willing to bet that snowball fights happen more in Vermont than they do in let’s say…Arizona. More impressive here, though, is that this particular snowball fight actually landed one man in the hospital, and the other under arrest. Okay, so maybe I’m leaving out the small part about how only one man threw a snowball and the other threw fists.
The men, both from Massachusetts, were in Vermont when one, age 49, threw a snowball at the other’s car. The driver, 39 year old Robert Earley of Nantucket, then got out and proceeded to beat the snot out of Charles Dow, of Newton, who is ten years his senior. That’s assault for those of you who don’t know and now Earley faces charges that he’ll have to answer for in May. Dow went to the hospital, but also received a citation for disorderly conduct and will have his own day in court for tossing a snowball at Earley’s moving vehicle.
Great job fellas! Way to set an example for Massholes everywhere by blowing a meaningless incident into epic proportion!

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