Baby’s First Margarita

In a rare turn of the events, for once the food wasn’t the worst thing at a Michigan Applebee’s Restaurant. Apparently, a mother and her 15-month old sold were sold, of all things, a margarita. Sounds harmless enough right? If she wants to have a drink while taking her son to dinner it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the woman who received the margarita, but her tiny toddler. To make this even more bizarre, the restaurant put the alcoholic drink in the toddler’s sippy cup. Classy move Applebee’s.

The toddler was taken to the hospital and registered a .10 blood alcohol level. His mother said she was tipped off when he started talking to the walls before putting his head on the table to go “night-night.” Applebee’s has informed the police and will be conducting their own “internal investigation.” Can’t wait to see how this one turns out, but lets just say if I can’t go into Applebee’s with my sippy cup and get margaritas in it anymore this kid’s got some serious apologizing to do.


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