Not His Hat Bro!

Taking the golf world by storm, there hasn’t been too many situations that Rickie Fowler hasn’t dominated. In fact, the young hot shot has been picked by some to even win this year’s Masters tournament. That didn’t stop the policy makers at August National, however, from slapping Fowler with a stern lesson in dressing.
Before taking a shot in this year’s tournament, Fowler was instructed by officials that his wardrobe wasn’t quite making par on the course. More specifically, it was actually the fact that Fowler’s hat happened to be turned around backwards. When Fowler attempted to explain that it was only so photographers could get a clear shot of his face, officials didn’t balk and made sure Fowler turned his hat around before teeing off.
While I would have thought Fowler would make a stand for backwards-hat-wearing teens everywhere, the 22 year old from California let his fashion sense give way to Augusta rules. I guess we will still have to wait for somebody to take a real stand against the old school ways of the Georgia golf course, but even if it doesn’t happen soon, props to young Rickie for at least trying to bring a bit of the hood to the golf world.

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