Francis Released


Talk about beating a rap, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis impressed even those of us who have never seen one of his videos by escaping court without a guilty verdict. It’s not that the four women who testified had an ironclad case, most of their testimony revolved around the fact that they had to leave school because of their own less than acceptable actions that just happened to be caught on film. Still, the charges were serious enough and Francis was in danger of having to pay out a hefty amount in the civil court case until, after 14 hours of deliberation, the jury found him innocent on all accounts. What’s even most impressive here isn’t that his friend Kim Kardashian tweeted her support for Joe Francis, but that the jury he won over was comprised of eight women. Congrats Joe, but next time it might pay to be a little more cautious with a consent form or two.

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  1. >What I find scary is that a scumbag dirtbag like this can become a millionaire. He's just a bad guy.

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