Hangover 2 Trailer Pulled


Sorry to ruin everyone’s warm, fuzzy feeling after that last post, but one of the most heinous transgressions in the history of the cinema industry profession has recently occurred. Okay, so maybe that’s a little much, but still anyone who enjoyed the blockbuster comedy The Hangover will be extra pissed when they here this, especially if they were planning on taking their girlfriend to the latest Rom-Com to try to catch the new Hangover II preview.

Warner Bros. has requested that every movie theater that currently has the trailer for The Hangover II (due out in summer) to pull the ad. Why? The haven’t commented directly other than saying that it’s “not PG-13 enough for theaters.”

Well way to ruin my day Warner Bros. Not only am I upset about the trailer, which director Todd Phillips thought was “too PG-13” for committed fans of the last movie, but I’m even more upset about the fact that they’re pulling it because of it’s content. Listen Warner Bros. you think Moms and Dads are going to be dragging their kids to the theaters this summer to catch a glimpse of Zac Gilafi….um, Bradley Cooper? No, your target audience is guys like us, who like the raunchiest, crude, and undeniably funny humor, and, hopefully, more Baby Carlos. So get on top of this and get us pumped up, you’re only shooting yourselves in the foot by not showcasing this movie absolutely as much as you possibly can.


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