No But Really, Congrats UCONN


So, by now most of you must know that UCONN has won another national college basketball championship. I’ll take a moment here to congratulate them and say things like “good job” and “way to dull an audience into hoping a game like that will never, ever be played again.”
Still, you’re right, UCONN won the title, and ultimately that’s all that matters. They rode their star guard to a whopping 53 points and shattered everyone’s expectation for a great game when the first half ended 22-19. From then on I’m sure the student section was largely kept in awe as UCONN rallied, from three down, to run away with the title in inglorious fashion, winning by 12. Granted, they weren’t UCONN students so maybe they didn’t even really notice.

That’s right, the students in the student section for UCONN last night were actually from nearby Rice and Houston Universities. Reminiscent of the time that North Korea paid Chinese fans to sit in for their own citizens at the World Cup, UCONN continued to wow by using students from Rice and Houston Universities to fill their student section. Couldn’t they find some UCONN fans out there in Texas?
For a school that prides itself on such a great basketball legacy, seems quite silly that they had to resort to stocking their own seats with hundreds of college students who had little interest in the game other than being able to say that they intended a Final Four. In fact, quotes from some of the fans (who happened to be Houston football players) showed that they actually wanted Butler to run away with the title because, like the Bulldogs, the Houston Cougars aren’t from an automatic at-large bid conference like UCONN is. So, again, way to go Huskies, and congrats on the win, I’m sure your fan faithful who tuned into their games from snow-capped Connecticut are thrilled that you chose to give their seats away to college students who had a vested interest in your team losing.

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