Netflix Steps Up Their Game


Shortly following Showtime pulling the acclaimed series Dexter and other networks such as Starz announcing they will put a delay on their shows that are streamed throught the online television service, Netflix just struck a blow back for internet television enthusiasts everywhere. AMC’s hit show, Mad Men, begins their live streaming on July 27.

You got it. The the multiple emmy winner’s first four seasons will all be available for viewers to tune in and stream whenever they want in only a couple of months. The network also announced that later seasons of the John Hamm-led show will also be available following their initial release, matching what Canadian Netflix customers have been enjoying for quite some time now.

Still, Netflix has also announced an original series, featuring Kevin Spacey, who’s no acting slouch. This begs the bigger question then here: Is Netflix the anomaly? Or is what we’re seeing the future of television? With 20.2 million subscribers (that’s a full 2 million more than the Starz network) Netflix has stepped up their game and announced that they’re not going anywhere. Let’s see how consumers respond.

Author’s Note: My Netflix account will now be cued up with some Star Wars movies following the GM’s bashing of my cinematic tastes. Stay tuned to see if I change my mind at all in this debate.


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